screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-10-52-34-amHello and welcome! I’m Anna McConnell, I am 17 years old and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. This year is my final year of school, Year 13, and I am currently working towards gaining my NCEA Level 3 qualifications. The subjects I take are English, Biology, History, Geography and Health Sociology. However, in my spare time I thoroughly enjoy photography, paper crafts, typography art and making beautiful things! I am also a Ballet dancer, however a few years ago I decided to stop dancing competitively, so now I take classes for fun 3 times a week.Β So as you can see, there are quite a few aspects to my personality!

When I was 15, I started my InstagramΒ @annasdesk in 2015, originally just for two of my best friends to follow because they loved to see my stationery, planner and study notes. To start with, it annas-desk-logo-circle-2was anonymous because I was worried about getting teased by some of the girls but mainly the boys I was friends with at the time (stupid, I know!). I was quite taken aback when I started to gain quite a lot of followers from around the world. When I reached 100, I upped my game and started to post more content and use hashtags. This was when it really went wild. Once I had gained 1000 followers, I was confident enough to reveal who I was and told more of my friends about it, and sure enough I was made fun of by the boys. But I was confident and I had my 1000 followers behind me. They just watched over the next few years as I gained thousands more followers and that’s when they shut up. And that was how Anna’s Desk began!

After my InstagramΒ was so successful, I decided I wanted to make this blog to share with everyone how to make/do many of the things that are featured in my posts. I really hope you guys like it, and let me know what kind of posts you’d like to see!

For any questions or inquiries please email me at annasdeskemail@gmail.com

– Anna