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DIY: Mason Jar Pencil & Pen Holder

Does any one else find themselves constantlyΒ buying more and more pens? I literally have about five different types of felt pens… but who doesn’t feel the need to have every shade of every colour of every type of pen right? So anyway, I’ve been struggling to find ways to store all my pens so that they are easily accessible, kept well organised and still look pretty of course! So I came accross these mason jars at The Warehouse (which is very similar to k-mart, target etc for my non-New Zealander readers). They are super cheap and I thought they would be perfect to hold my pens, but they took up so much space! So this DIY was my solution to all these problems!

Equipment Needed:

  • 3, 6 or 10 mason jars (depending on how many pens you have!)
  • A hot glue gun


Step One:

Arrange your jars like this. This is the easiest way to glue them together, as two sets of three, then gluing the two sets together at the end. Although you will be using them standing on their sides, it is best to glue them while they are standing on their bottom first.


Step Two:

Glue jars together in the arrangement shown in step one. The best way to do this is by putting hot glue onto the handles then sticking them to eachother.


Step Three:

Once the three jars in the two sections are glued together, allow the glue to dry. Once they are dry, glue the two sections together by gluing the handles like before.


Once the glue is dry (timing depends on the kind of glue you use, but mine took about 10 minutes to dry completely). Flip the jars so that the bottom three are touching your desk, then fill them with your favourite pens!


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– Anna


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