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How To: Create the “water colour” effect using felt tips

Create beautiful art with plain old felt tip pens! This trick is perfect for backgrounds, making your own wrapping paper, making the cover of your boring school books pretty – basically anything! It’s quick, easy, mess-free and literally ANYONE can do it because it requires little to no artistic ability. Here I am creating a pretty background for a birthday card, but as mentioned above, you can use it for anything!

Equipment Needed:

  • Felt tip pens in the colours that you want (I used crayola pip squeaks and super tips but you can use any wide-tip felt pen)
  • plastic zip-lock back in the size of the area you want to cover
  • paint brush
  • paper (the thicker the better
  • water


Step One:

Use your pens to draw over the ziplock bag. Colour different areas of the ziplock bag like shown below.


Step Two:

Soak your paint brush in water and place droplets over the paper.


Step Three:

Place the ziplock bag on to the paper, the side with the ink on it facing down. The ink will mix with the water on the paper. Move the bag slightly (kind of like slide it across the paper) so that you can allow the colours to blend together.


Step Four:

Peel the bag off and then allow the paper to dry out completely. Then you can write over the top of it like I did or use it however you want to!


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy this sneaky faux-water colour technique!


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