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DIY: Desk Organiser Box

So this is a simply fabulous DIY that I created earlier this year, and was created when I combined my hatred of my ugly plastic pencil holders and my need for something to store my sticky notes in that was pretty enough to have on my desk, making it easily accessible. There are many ways you can customise this DIY (to match your desk, room, office etc. or how many compartments you want in the box) and also many uses for the finished product (you can store basically anything in it – pens, paint brushes and paints, make up and make up brushes – the list is endless). So keep in mind that swaying away from the following instructions is encouraged!

Equipment Needed:

  • Scissors and/or craft knife (depending on the thickness of your cardboard)
  • A small old packaging or gift box
  • Extra card board
  • Gift wrapping paper/adhesive book covering
  • Hot glue gun


Step One:

Cut the flaps off the box, saving the lid. (If your box doesn’t have a lid, use your spare cardboard for the next step)


Step Two

Use your hot glue gun to glue the lid to the inside bottom of the box. This makes the bottom surface even and makes the box more durable.


Step Three:

Measure out plenty of your choice of covering. Here I am using some silver glitter duraseal/coverseal/book covering (not sure what its called over seas but thats what we call it here in New Zealand haha).


Step Four:

Stick or glue your covering onto the box. This may seem like a hard task but think of it like wrapping a present, it is really that simple.


Step Five:

Using your spare card board, measure and cut a peice to match the size of the width and depth of your box (for my box this was the the same measurements as the lid), and cover it with the same covering you used for the box. This will be your divider.


Step Six:

Glue along three edges of your covered card board, leaving the edge that will be at the top of the box. Then slot the cardboard into the box in the place you want it to be divided (I did mine in the middle but you can mix this up, making it uneven or even diagonal).


Once the glue has dried, fill your box with your desired contents and place wherever you want it! img_9028

Here it is pictured on my desk with another one I made which is divided into four sections to organise my pens!


Keen on creating this DIY but don’t have the time at this moment?

Click the image below to save this DIY on pinterest for later!


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