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Welcome To My Blog! + free printable!

Hey Everyone! Some of you may know me, Anna, from my Instagram account @annasdesk. If you don’t already know me, welcome! I have made this blog to share my tips and tricks on everything from studying to home/room decor.

I will be posting regular DIY’s,  tutorials, and study tips, as well as sharing with you some of my motivation and goal setting techniques. I will also make posts about some of my favourite products (and where to find them), my study and planner routines and how I like to organise my things and my mind.

So if you’re a school/college/university student, a planner gal or guy, a seeker of all things beautiful, in need of motivation or incentives or just in need of some productive pleasure, then this blog is for you!



To celebrate the release of this blog, I’ve decided to give all of you a little gift for helping me get started. So here is a free calendar for next month to help you all have a beautifully organised month in style. I have made both landscape and portrait versions so that you can use it in any way you like! I have put my landscape one on the wall above my desk and am using my portrait one in my school ring binder! I highly recommend doing this if you use a ring binder for school or college because you see it every time you open your binder, so you won’t forget any important dates and you can easily jot down due dates etc. during class or lectures. I hope you enjoy! Please share the way you’re using your calender with me on instagram by tagging me @annasdesk I will be sure to check out every single one!



Click here to download portrait version



Click here to download landscape version

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